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אימהות נגד אלימות בשבי שורוןu_edited_edited_edited.png
Mothers Against Violence Israel (MAVI) are an Israeli network of women activists opposing the occupation and Israeli militarism from a feminine maternal perspective, training Israeli women to form local chapters of resistance and influence family and community members to refuse to participate in military service in the occupied territories. 


Mothers Against Violence Israel is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the occupation. We advocate for peace and stability, and we strongly believe in the need for non-violent solutions to conflict. Our long-term goal is to help create a world where all people, regardless of their background, can live in peace and security.


We encourage Israelis to join us in our efforts to create a better future for all. A central pillar of the current Israeli government is a fascist party led by West Bank settlers, and many elements of its legislative agenda are designed to facilitate the occupation regime in the West Bank. Many Israelis who identify as centrist liberals now realize that without an end to the military occupation of the Palestinians there will be no democracy in Israel. Join us in peaceful action to oppose violence and bring democracy and peace to Israel.

Providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinian women and children. 
ne goal of the delegations is to influence Israeli soldiers in the area; to portray for them an image of Israeli mothers who feel compassion both for the soldiers and for Palestinians, with the goal of re-shaping their perspective regarding the anti-occupation movement.   
Protests in various focal points across Israel.
These include participation in the weekly massive protests for Israeli democracy taking place in central cities, emphasizing the occupation as one of the root causes of the anti-democratic legislation.
Awareness-raising campaign to get Israeli soldiers out of the occupied Palesinian territories (OPT), emphasizing the outsized resources allocated only to defend unnecessary settlements at the expense of other national needs, and the negative implications service in the OPT has on Israeli soldiers such as PTSD, moral injuries, and risk of being indicted by international law. 
Tie a yellow ribbon for the release of the hostages.
The color yellow, a sign of protest since the American Civil War, was used to call for the return of prisoners of the Vietnam War, and again in 1980, when dozens of American citizens were held hostage in Tehran following the Iranian Revolution.

Donate to MAVI through the Refuser Solidarity Network Inc. Donations are exempt under IRS Code 501(c)(3) 


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