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Join us in advocating
for peace and stability.

Mothers Against Violence Israel (MAVI) is a non-profit organization of Israeli women activists dedicated to ending the occupation. We advocate for peace, non-violence, and a democratic Israel. Join us to oppose the current government's policies and help us create a more peaceful, democratic future for all.

Our Mission

Release the hostages

Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Release the Hostages. The color yellow, a sign of protest since the American Civil War, was used to call for the return of prisoners of the Vietnam War, and again in 1980, when dozens of American citizens were held hostage in Tehran following the Iranian Revolution.

arabic women


One goal of the delegations is to influence Israeli soldiers in the area; to portray an image of Israeli mothers who feel compassion both for the soldiers and for Palestinians, with the goal of re-shaping their perspective regarding the anti-occupation movement.

Israeli protest

Protest Demonstrations

These include participation in the weekly massive protests for Israeli democracy taking place in central cities, emphasizing the occupation as one of the root causes of the anti-democratic legislation.

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